Tom’s specialties are landscapes, architectural details, travel scenes and nature photos, particularly close-ups of flowers. He loves bright colors but also enjoys turning digital photos into black and white. Recently he has begun using photo software to turn photos into prints which look like paintings.

His work has been exhibited in a number of local shows and galleries including the Mill District Arts Gallery, Evoke Gallery, Altered Esthetics, Artists Mercantile, Very Barrie Gallery, Gallery 96, The Artists Gallery of Wayzata, Minnetonka Center for the Arts, Hopkins Center for the Arts and Robbin Gallery. His photographs have often been published in the travel and garden sections Minneapolis StarTribune newspaper. He has also exhibited at the St Paul Art Crawl and at Art-A-Whirl in Northeast Minneapolis.

Tom is vice-president of Gallery 96, a nonprofit arts organization which promotes art in a variety of media by artists in the northern suburbs.

Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.
— Dorothea Lange