Currently, stumps of red pines and roots of various trees have a hold on me. I became fascinated by them while walking the grounds of a tree farm. I was eager to bring their elements and patterns to life through painting.

I recently considered that a stump serves to nourish new life. It is powerful to think how a tree at its prime would be cut down, but then become material for decay, a bed for a new tree seed, an environment for moss and homes for many creatures. That which appeared dead still provides life.

I am also enthralled by the latest research on roots

communicating from tree to tree, with fungi playing an

important role in the exchange. Just like all the things

that support our lives, many are hidden from view—- great

mysteries of the world ever unfolding. These ideas

manifest in my paintings in diverse ways, they can be

abstract or have a representational element.

Painting is about giving birth to new combinations which

speak to my soul. I have found a common thread from many

elements of life in looking at stumps, and how they evolve

and change, decay and give birth. The mysteries of life can

be addressed in a walk in a wood and in an examination of

stumps and root systems. The thrill is that each painting is

something new to consider.