Chris LaFontaine

Chris LaFontaine began experimenting with traditional photography and darkroom techniques in high school during the 1960’s, eventually continuing his exploration while earning a BS degree in Photographic Engineering Technology from Saint Cloud State University. For 20 years Chris was in the photofinishing business as owner of Shutterbug, a small chain of stores based in Saint Paul, Minnesota. He is also a former member of the Lowertown Lofts Artists Cooperative, and enjoys being part of the vibrant art community of the Saint Paul area.

About the art

Any photograph is an abstract replication of a person, place or thing captured in reflected light. Images are interpreted from the moment a shutter opens, first by the device making the capture then by chemical or digital processing choices used to create a final image. As a curious experimenter, Chris creates images using a variety of digital techniques applied to both film and digitally-captured original photographs. Some prints retain the appearance of their photographic origin. Other pieces are enhanced or transformed, often beyond recognition of the original source. Photoshop techniques are used to create images that can include a dozen or more generations of modification.

Prints displayed in the gallery are made using a professional-grade printer featuring pigmented inks and high-precision ten-channel micro piezo print head technology. Pigmented-ink prints on standard photo papers have a lifespan of several decades. Images printed on archival substrates can last longer and are sometimes called giclée prints.