Beth’s most recent body of work, made from birch plywood and custom tinted polyurethane, assesses the natural shapes and patterns found within the grain of wood. She articulates the the natural pattern by applying multiple layers of color to separate negative space which results a unique abstract pattern. No two pieces are ever the same.

Beth’s work is a comment on what is most important to her, nature. As far back as Beth can remember, she was fascinated by and drawn to trees.

Her work explores the trees inner life; the history the wood grain represents.  She takes great pleasure in using the trees naturally occurring patterns to draw out the unique story each piece of wood holds. The organic fluidity of her work provides her with a deeply therapeutic and calm connection to nature. She hopes her work will provide the same for others.

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SHOUEI, Oil on Birch Plywood - 30" x 48" $1,800

SHOUEI, Oil on Birch Plywood - 30" x 48"

You see, the Birch, which grows about as old as a human being, is really the most magical and beautiful of all trees.
— Lise Lunge-Larsen